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This is when I let others do the talking.  I have many more happy responses to share with you but here are a few words from some of my satisfied clients.

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Honesty, Knowledge, Courtesy, Helpfulness...all  my clients have rated me "Excellent" in all these categories on the testimonial form.  Here are their additional words of recommendation:


Another Testimonial from a happy client sends all excellent reviews.

“I use Carole Novick for all my real estate needs. She has proven to be knowledgeable, dependable, prompt, professional, courteous and a problem solver. I was able to find 2 very hard-t0-find rental units for myself and my pets. Carole negotiated the purchase of my current home and throughout the 3-month process, looked out for my best interests and guided me through a very complicated process." by Molly Herdic 2020


I met Carole several years ago when I contacted her to rent my condo. She has rented it twice for me and did a great job. I decided to sell the condo, so of course I called Carole. Carole is a great marketer, and within days of her listing it we had several offers. The Covid-19 pandemic contributed to many challenges with the process. Although there were many, various obstacles, Carole overcame them and the closing took place. Her expertise made it happen! Carole is a professional with a high level of integrity and skill and I would strongly recommend her for your Real Estate requirements.

Kathie Montany Dec 2020


Communication was exceptional, always kept up to date without ever having to ask.  Expectations were reasonably set and a buyer was found in a reasonable amount of time.  It was nearly effortless for me, as it should be.  Carole was exception start to finish.

By Craig Selinger 3/15/2018


I Luisa Izaguirre : I’m satisfied with the attention of Carole Novick. Great customer assistance.

Luisa Izaguirre 11/2019


  After letting go of an inexperienced agent seeing nothing in months, and the lack of response, led me to Ms. Novick.  Within 1 week, I had been shown 4 interesting properties.  Within 8 days, I had keys.

   Ms. Novick was able to bring both inexperienced parties together (Landlord and tenant) and not only guide us through the legalities but advise us on what was or wasn't in our best interests.

  This was a very important move for me and Ms. Novick  helped make it less stressful.  I would recommend her services in the capacity of real estate advisor. 

Respectfully, John J. Finn  10/10/17


Carole is very professional and was excellent with taking care of the many details and documents needed to rent my condo.   I highly recommend her company!!       

By: Kathleen Montany


Thank you so much for your excellent services! You always replied to my emails and concerns promptly and honestly. You helped sell our house within our timing and at a price acceptable to us. You went out of your way to assist us when we needed help with appointments for the sale and had good suggestions for moving forward with advertisements of the desired sale. You looked out for our needs and interests always. It was nice working with someone who understands the stresses of selling a house and helps make the process go smoothly. Thank you for always putting in the extra time and energy to pave our way to our new future and end things on a positive note in our past!

By Lisa & Sam Seitles. Past purchaser & now seller 7 Daisy Court, Airmont, NY  


Working with Carole Novick has been a pleasure.  She gives her all, and I felt as if I was dealing with a friend. She kept me in the loop, would let me know when someone was coming to look at my condo (I have a dog who is protective of "her" property), and was supportive and encouraging the entire time (which was not very long).                                                                              

Let me reiterate that she gives her all, I had a one bedroom, one bath         condo for sale, I know she gave me the same effort and respect she would have given a multi-million dollar sale. She was in continual contact with me, keeping me apprised of all offers (and she brought me several), advised on how to  de-clutter, and was very soothing the entire time. I can easily recommend Carole to anyone looking to sell their home.   By Marcia Sachs


Dear Carole-

  The tenants are officially moved in, so I wanted to confirm this with you and to also thank you and Frank for doing such a great job renting the property.

  From the moment I changed realtors and joined Frank Walter at Carole Novick Realty,

  I saw an immediate difference in realtors and brokers. I know now that it is a myth to go with the "big guys" when you want to rent or sale your house.

  The personal attention I received from Frank and you from the start assured me that the job was going to be done quickly and done correctly. And it was!!

  I can now say from experience that there is a big difference when you sign on with Carole Novick Realty. You get the personal attention needed when going through a real estate deal and you get the experience of a seasoned broker who uses all her connections and creative marketing techniques to get the job done. Carole Novick Realty takes the bull by the horns and markets your property effectively.

  Thank you again for your professional service towards the marketing of the property.

     Sincerely,  Kathleen Farrell, Trustee


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I was very lucky and grateful that I managed to come to know Carole was January 2013,and I was already in contract on the sale of my house in Orangetown and had no idea where I was gonna live. Even worse I needed the funds to secure a new home...This is where Carole calls me in response to a house for rent on the web site and from then on I felt like I was in good hands....I was kind of desperate because there was no real money to speak of until closing. Well Carole through her extensive contact lists and landlords found a cancellation last minute and helped me secure a place for me and my family with the understanding that payment would be made at the closing table. These are things I could have never done myself and if it weren't for Carole Novick ...I might have been in a hotel or even worse homeless! So, if you find yourself buying or selling and or just not happy with your present arrangement of realtors call Carole Novick Realty...Thank you Carole    by Glenn Perrotto



Carole Novick is a terrific realtor. She completely knows the business and the area, communicates effectively to all parties, and goes over and does above what she needs to do. Being an out-of-state landlord is not easy, but Carole makes it easy by her tireless communication of every detail that a landlord needs to know about and follows up on everything that she says she will. All I can say is having Carole Novick as my realtor makes my life much easier, and I appreciate all of her efforts.

by: Michael Russell, Pomona, NY


"I found Carole to be a total professional. An excellent seller. Charming, personable, informed. Despite the stress that goes with selling a home, Carole was always a partner...always with an informed explanation. It was a pleasure working with her. She sold our home at a high price in a poor economic time!...Sondra Robinson Glickman & Bernard Glickman, 2011


Carole did a wonderful job for us at a very difficult time.  She worked hard, never slowed down or gave up and constantly had new marketing ideas.  I have used Carole for at least four or five real estate transactions and would not hesitate to use her if I ever needed to be located in Rockland County or vicinity again.  No one could ever give me the personal attention we received from Carole.  By George Hatkoff & Shirley Stulmaker.

June 9, 2014


I, Trevaile & family would like to thank Carole Novick Realty, Inc. Carole is a wonderful representative. Mrs. Novick was very gracious and honest. Mrs. Novick was very professional and knew a lot about the community. Her knowledge about the community was very helpful in our search for a home. Mrs. Novick was patient and very friendly toward us. Mrs. Novick did not rush or push us into anything we didn't want. I would recommend Mrs. Carole Novick Realty, Inc. to anyone who is looking for respect, courtesy and kindness when looking for a real estate agency.  By Trevaile Harvey


 What I say, things happened so fast.  We met Carole Novick on a Saturday and by Monday evening, we were signing a lease for our new home.  I still can't believe.  A process I was dreading was, in fact, not only quick and painless but absolutely enjoyable. 

  The property listed by Carole Novick Realty was absolutely gorgeous!  The price?  Well, it was just too good to pass up!  Carole was personable, professional, knowledgable and thorough.  She paid impeccable attention to detail, even to the little things that you need to know when moving into a new neighborhood.  Willie and I just want to extend our heartfelt thanks to Carole of Carole Novick Realty. By Joan Williams-Jarell & Willie Jarell.


We have bought and sold several properties over the past 15 years and have used many brokers. I rank Carole the #1 person we have ever used and by a wide margin. Here are a few things of importance to us as clients. 1. She brought a great flow of qualified renters to our home quickly. 2. She had great suggestions to help us market our home. 3. She is 100% honest and trustworthy. 4. She is very smart and a very astute real estate person. 5. The after transaction service has been way better than anything I could have ever expected. Once many brokers get paid, the service can decline. Carole has been unbelievably attentive and helpful pre and post the transaction. In general, I am a very hard grader. I give Carole an A+. When I feel strongly about a professional who I think is outstanding, it is my pleasure to relay to anyone considering her and her firm, why I believe what I do.  By: David Kerdell.


I don’t think I have ever enjoyed a realty experience more that the one I had with Carole Novick Realty. I received professional, curious and helpful service. I can honestly say this office is far superior to any other I have ever used.

 I first became acquainted with Carole Novick Realty when I was interested in a cottage in Wesley Hills, New York. Ms. Novick was so helpful. Together, with the wonderful owners of the cottage, they gave me a true welcome into the community of Rockland County. Carole really knows how to assist people find the perfect place and help them feel at home!

 Thank you Carole Novick Realty for service the Community of Rockland with excellence...By: Letisia Wightman


"Carole Novick is a consummate professional. Her knowledge and experience of the industry coupled with her highly personable style makes her a truly dynamic Realtor. I highly recommend Carole for your buying or selling needs!!...Jonah Halper, Wesley Hills, NY.


 "When my husband and I decided to sell our home, we immediately call Carole Novick, knowing her excellent reputation as a Realtor (I have known Carole for several years). We lived in our home for 33 years and had not bought or sold property in all that time. We needed an advisor and so trusted Carole to make ALL decisions for us. As expected, all aspects of the sale went smoothly as a result of Carole's wisdom and professionalism. Our home was sold for a fair market price within a reasonable time in a bad market! I STILL can't believe how easy it was to sell our home. Thanks Carole for all your work on our behalf....Susan Spear, New City, NY.


"My experience working with Mrs. Carole Novick has been unique. Her professionalism out beats all others I have known.

Carole treats her clients like they are her family.

She is always available and can be contacted whenever needed.

She is always willing to listen and understand your needs.

Years of experience and her knowledge and understanding of locations, neighborhoods, regions and cities are just outstanding.

She is very well informed and that makes a difference…a significant difference.

Carole Novick is an agent of international stature.

Her pleasant personality, her communicative skills and her style of conducting business all add to her greatness and uniqueness in the field of Real Estate.  Her sense of responsibility and willingness to co-operate, her commitment to success and her love for her job only bring you fruitful results.  Thank you for being "You" Carole! ...Dr. Anjali Patil, United Nations, New York, NY 10017"


"Carole was absolutely perfect in every way.  Professional, intuitive, sensitive, intelligent, helpful.  There is nothing she could have done better."...John Golden


"Carole was helpful, knowledgeable, fair and honest. Went out of her way to meet at my convenience. Very informative, very ready to answer questions and helpful hints about the ready to answer phone calls. If phone was busy got back promptly. She is a very likeable lady. I was very impressed with her and would not hesitate to recommend her to my friends."...2/2009


"I was pleasantly surprised at how knowledgeable Carole was. She took pictures of my rental and ran a beautiful brochure and explained all the benefits the apartment offered. She also gave me a few excellent suggestions on how to decorate. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to sell, rent or buy. She is top notch! I appreciate all her efforts to please me…".Rita Ell.


  Our experience with Carole can only be described as thorough and professional.  With specific rental requirements and discerning taste, we appreciated Carole's input and advice which successfully resulted in signing a lease on the first property viewed. We recommend Carole Novick as a thoughtful and considerate pro. Tenants 1/2015.


This is the 2nd time I used Carole Novick Realty to find a tenant to lease my condo.

Carole has extensive knowledge and experience in the real estate business.  She is a good judge of character and found an appropriate tenant in a short period of time.

My condo association is very challenging to work with and there are many forms to be filled out and fees to be paid.  Carole worked closely with me and my potential tenant to get the forms filled out correctly, then submitted to the association.

There are new rental laws that recently came out and Carole sent me all of the information and explained the importance of abiding by them.

Carole is ethical, thorough and detail oriented.  If you need the services of a Realtor, don’t hesitate to use Carole Novick Realty, In.  She gets results…

Thank you Carole!!

Kathleen Montany


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